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Target Exterminating is a full service Integrated Pest Management(IPM) Company servicing New York City and its surrounding areas. At Target, we recognize that every businesses and commercial property have a unique facilities, products, and service that often result in specific individual needs that require sensitive pest solutions. Target performs on-site consultation in order to properly appraise your individual needs and tailor your pest control solutions for your business or commercial property.

At Target we uses the most innovating treatments available in the industry. As an Integrated Pest Management, our program for rodents combines common sense steps that makes any commercial property a hostile environment for rodents while remaining safe for you and your employees.

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With over 20 years of experience in the field of Pest Control Services, it is no wonder that Target Exterminating, Inc. is the leading choice of many commercial properties across the city and beyond!

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Commercial Exterminating Hotel pest contro Westchester County pest control
Restaurant Extermination NYC NYC pest control Food Processing Plants
Cockroach exterminator NYC Manhattan cockroach extermination Commercial Roach Infestation
Office Pest control in Brooklyn Motel Exterminator in Queens Get rid of Rodents
American cockroach control Bird Removal Nassau County Roof rat control and removal
Pest Control - rats - Manhattan Residential pests Exterminator mice traps
Pest Control - mice - New Jersey Commercial Pest Extermination Insect control services
Termite extermination Hotel ant control NJ commercial extermination services
Brooklyn bed bugs NYC commercial rodent control Office building extermination
Bed Bugs Target Exterminating, Inc.
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Cockroaches Rodent Control

All across the country, Bed Bugs have been multiplying at an alarming rate.

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