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Bed Bugs

After vanishing for a half-century, bed bugs are back with a vengeance. Until recently they were a rarity among pest management professionals as well. Bed bug infestations were common in the United States before World War II. But with the improvements in hygiene, and especially the widespread use of DDT during the ‘40’s and the ‘50’s, the bugs all but vanished. The pests remained prevalent, however, in other regions of the world. They are now increasingly being encountered in homes, apartments, hotels, motels, dormitories, shelters and modes of transport. Immigration and international travel have undoubtedly contributed to the resurgence of bed bugs in the U.S.

It often seems that bed bugs arise from nowhere. The bugs are efficient hitchhikers and are usually transported in or on luggage, clothing, beds, furniture, etc. Outbreaks often can often be traced to travel from countries where the bugs are common, such as Asia, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, or Central/South America. Purchase or use of secondhand mattresses or box springs and furniture is another way that the bugs are quickly transported into previously non-infested dwellings.

Once bed bugs are established, they often spread room to room throughout a building. Unlike cockroaches that feed on filth, the level of cleanliness has little to do with most bed bug infestations.

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